Note- all events require a 50% non refundable deposit to save your date.

We offer-

  • Custom Playlists tailored to your events
  • Any Genre of music from Classical to Jazz to Contemporary Hits
  • Professional sound reinforcement for large events
  • Cocktail Receptions
  • Dinner Entertainment

Things that Increase Rates

Here are some of the criteria that increases cost:

  • 30+ miles travel to wedding location- We are able to travel long distances to reach your destination, however this will incur a travel charge on top of the standard rate. Please provide address of your event location for calculations.
  • With a musical library of over 5,000 arrangements, we are able to provide a lovely variety of music for your event. However, should any custom arrangements or music scores be requested for your event, an additional cost my be added to accommodate the purchasing of the music.         NOTE-(Musical scores can range from $15-$40 each).

With our wide repertoire of music to choose from, we  make the process streamlined to allow you to focus on hosting your event.

Cocktail & Corporate Event  Services

1 Hour ~$450.00

2 Hours ~$600.00

3 Hours ~$750.00